#2013alive: alive Staff is Learning Deep Breathing Techniques!

by alive Editorial

#2013alive: alive Staff is Learning Deep Breathing Techniques!

It’s week 4 of December’s 12 Months of Wellness journey. Now we’re checking in to see how alive staff is doing!

For week 4 for December’s 12 Months of Wellness challenge, we’re letting go of stress by practising deep breathing and mediation. Here’s what some alive staff members had to say about their experiences.

Ellen Niemer, Editor: “I participated in a one-day meditation retreat a few years ago. In the afternoon, all I could focus on were the growling sounds my stomach was making as it digested my lunch. At a break, I apologized to the guy beside me, who said, “Don’t worry, the lady on my other side has a much noisier stomach than yours.” Stomach growls aside, I find meditation is useful before starting a creative project. Taking five or 10 minutes to get grounded can make a huge difference when I sit down to write or plan. It eliminates distractions, clarifies my thoughts, and helps me to mentally focus.”

Stuart Harries, Editor-in-Chief: One of the things I do at home is spend 20 minutes on a Spoonk before falling asleep most nights. A Spoonk is an acupressure mat that has dozens of small, pointy teeth to activate specific reflex points. The sensation of the Spoonk is very intense at first, but after a short while the intensity goes away and a feeling of great relaxation takes its place. I use this time to clear my mind, breathe deeply, and let any stress just wash away. According to Spoonk, the pressure releases endorphins and helps produce feelings of well-being and calm. I couldn’t agree more!”

Colleen Grant, Editor: My favourite deep-breathing technique is lion’s breath. I love doing this to dispel stress when I’m stuck in traffic: breathing in slowly though the nose for five counts, then exhaling loudly through the mouth while sticking out my tongue. Drivers in front of me might think I’m crazy, but it really works!

What about you?

Have you tried deep breathing and/or meditation? Let us know, and keep us updated on your 12 Months of Wellness journey in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter (using the hashtag #2013alive).

While you’re at it, download our December goal-tracking sheet to track your efforts!

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