Let’s Unpack Backpack! #GoGirlReads

by Melinda Clemmer

What’s in this backpack? Image from pixabay.

It’s got intrigue. It’s got murder. It’s got love and mistakes, bearded men and drugs, hot Asian countries and mommy issues.

What book could possibly contain all of this? It’s Backpack by Emily Barr.

Whether you couldn’t put it down or reading it was a chore, we want to hear from you on Twitter. This Wednesday, January 21 at 12 PM Eastern time, we’ll be discussing Backpack.

Tweet with the hashtag #gogirlreads to tell us what you loved (or what you loathed) about this unique tale of romance found and lives lost on an escape to Asia.


We can’t wait to dive in with you !

Where: Twitter

When: January 21, 12 PM EST

How: Use hashtag #gogirlreads on Twitter to join into the conversation! We’ll be asking questions every few minutes over the span of an hour.

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