Why We Love Traveling With Gal Pals

by Wanderful Team

Traveling with gal pals can help you see a new place in a completely different way. Whether you want a getaway from it all or an adventure with your besties, traveling with friends cannot be overrated.

We asked some of our Wanderful women why they love traveling with their gals. Making memories together through travel is such a powerful way to bond and to continue growing your friendship over the years. But this kind of travel is also a fun way to explore together, going on an adventure you might not otherwise have tried on your own.

If you haven’t traveled with your friends before, maybe it’s time to take a trip! Let these Wanderful women inspire your journey…and be sure to check out the little bonus offer at the end of this article!

Why is traveling with gal pals so great?

We asked, our community answered. In honor of Galentine’s Day (shout-out to the legendary Leslie Knope!), we’re celebrating our ladies and all the ways they inspire us to travel more.

Sharing adventures together brings us closer together. And women supporting women is one of our favorite things to see!

We’re all about women helping women to travel. We encourage community conversations and connections all around the world.

We have 50 chapters in cities where women can gather to share their love of travel.

We even offer our own homesharing network so women can find safe, comfortable spaces wherever they travel.

Wanderful women gathered together for a group photo

It doesn’t matter your age or your background, taking a trip with another travel-loving woman might just open your eyes to a whole new world. We strongly encourage you to give it a try!

After all, quality friendships improve our health and wellbeing.

If you want to travel with other women, check out our trips and events for even more inspiration. We love seeing the diversity of options, all geared towards helping more women travel to more places.

Here’s what some of our Wanderful women said about why they love traveling with friends…

Sisters Make the Best Travel Buddies

From Robin Catalano, Travel Editor

I love traveling with my husband—I really do. But I also love examining every nook and cranny of massive museums, lingering in art galleries (the weirder, the better), stopping in funky boutiques, chatting up friendly locals, and attending pretty much every out-of-the-way artisanal chocolate or hard cider tasting I can find.

My husband? Not so much.

Since I don’t want to do these activities accompanied by plaintive sighs and are-we-done-yet? gazes, this year, I’ve enlisted my big sister, Jill, as my travel companion.

Jill and I live far apart—she’s in the Southwest, while I’m in the Northeast—so we typically get to see each other just a couple times a year. She’s also married and has a twelve-year-old daughter, who, like most preteens, considers the adults in her life to be tragically uncool.

Now that my niece is old enough to not miss us, we’re starting a new tradition of an annual Grown-Ass Ladies trip, where we can hang out, decompress, explore, and reconnect. Preferably over chocolate and hard cider.

travel with your gal pals like these sisters, travel editor Robin Catalano and sister Jill

Travel With Your Gal Pals Forever

From Kimberly K. Croisant of Forever Green Mom

Us girls have a special kind of friendship. We first met in Jr. High (7th grade) and you couldn’t tear us apart.

Between boyfriends, other girl friendships, marriages, children, upsets, losses through the years…we have managed to maintain our friendship.

Forty-seven years later we will spend our 60th birthdays together on a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas, this April!

We have a special bond that can not be broken.

Learn From Your Gal Pals

From Amanda Walkins, Digital Content Strategist

I took a whirlwind trip through 5 European cities with my long-time friend. She was studying for her masters at the time, which actually offered me such a unique perspective on our travels. Her focus on Holocaust studies led us to places I otherwise might not have explored in the cities we visited. Because of her interests, I learned so much more and was able to understand a multi-layered perspective of each place during our trip.

This is the same friend who jumped at the chance to run a marathon with me in Jamaica…so she’s a fantastic travel buddy all around!

I feel very lucky to have such fabulous gal pals like her who encourage me and push me to explore more. Plus, traveling with a friend means you get to be in some photos (sans selfie stick), so that’s always fun!

Amanda Walkins looking at the train schedule at Cologne train station


Gals’ Trips Are the BEST Trips

From Cindy Ladage of Traveling Adventures of a Farm Girl

Last August, my friend Sara Broers (Travels With Sara) and I hit the road for a hosted trip to the Erie Islands of Put in Bay and Kellys Island. It was awesome traveling to what felt like the ocean in the Midwest.

Sara and I are kindred spirits who want to bring the joy of Midwest travel to our readers and those that want to hit the road. Traveling with gal pals like Sara who has similar interests offers the freedom of sharing the sheer joy of finding beauty and magic in the moment.

We sang about the fun on Kelly’s Island as we toured in the golf cart. We posed with local police outside our hotel Port Clinton, Ohio. We walked a boardwalk over wetlands. I videoed a glacial groove and videoed Sara as she stumbled on the rare Lake Erie snake and jumped sky-high.

Flying by the seat of our pants and learning all about the wonderful places we found, while enjoying the sisterhood of travel makes Gal Travel priceless!

traveling with gal pals is the best way to explore - two women smiling while traveling together


Wanderful’s Galentine’s Day Twitter Chat

We asked the Twitterverse to share some insights into traveling with girlfriends. We asked, they answered, and it was a fantastic conversation spread across the world!

Here are some highlights:

Twitter screenshot for Wanderful and BlkWmnTravelPod
Twitter screenshot Wanderful and ChrisandEllen
Twitter screenshot Wanderful and NatashaNicholes talking about traveling with gal pals

Twitter screenshot Wanderful and Andrea_arzaba

Want to join the next Wanderful Twitter chat?

We host them regularly and you can always follow along with #Wanderful!


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Why do you love traveling with your gal pals? Share your stories – and all your travel adventures! – with our community.

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