4 Keys to Happiness: How to Find Your Purpose in Life After 60

by Sixty and Me

Life doesn’t have to be bleak, daunting, and depressing for those of us who are over 60. Filling our days with happiness and purpose makes life a bit more exciting as we grow older. After all, every single person on Earth has a singular purpose. Discovering it will lead to a longer, happier, and healthier life.

That’s what Dr. Sanjiv Chopra, author of inspiring books about aging discovered and talked about extensively in The Two Most Important Days and The Big 5. In an interview with Margaret Manning, the bestselling author and former Faculty Dean at Harvard Medical School shared his four secrets to a meaningful life.

Close-Knit Relationships Are Vital to Your Happiness

Humans are social beings. This has been proven time and time again. One of the most extensive studies about human development, Harvard’s nearly 80-year-old Grant Study, which the late US President John F. Kennedy was once a part of, revealed one secret to leading a fulfilling life: good relationships.

Nurturing close bonds will keep you happy and healthy as you age. It’s not the amount of wealth you acquire or the number of followers you earn on social media. Your happiness, longevity, and fulfillment in life all depend on love.

So, in Dr. Chopra’s words: “Celebrate everything – big or small – with your friends.”

Forgiveness Is Good for Your Health

Like some of us, you probably like to revisit past mistakes, even when they happened a long time ago. Perhaps you’ve allowed your past to anchor you down. To live your best life, you must learn to let go of bitterness and resentment, and start forgiving yourself.

Holding onto feelings of anger, pain, and resentment isn’t good for our health and well-being. Forgiveness, on the other hand, can lead to improved mental health and healthier relationships. So, acknowledge that you’ve been hurt, and choose to forgive yourself and anyone who has offended you.

Humility Is Good for Your Soul

A meaningful life is one lived with humility. In a society that celebrates over-confidence and entitlement, humility is your key to a successful life. If you practice humility throughout your lifetime, you will touch many lives. It helps you become a better boss, partner, parent, friend, and neighbor.

Humility can make you more compassionate towards others as well. Being of service to others brings true happiness and meaning to your life. Additionally, nurturing a humble heart helps you cope better with anxiety and mortality as you age.

Gratitude Boosts Your Happiness

Expressing gratitude on a daily basis leads to greater happiness. Research in Positive Psychology reveals that being thankful for what you have makes you more optimistic about your future. Not only will you be happier, but you will also be healthier by showing gratitude.

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