5 Core Moves Worth Trying

by Lauren Sesselmann

Training for the World Cup means I have to get my workouts in wherever I am, and the beach is one of my favorite spots. With summer knocking on our doors and the waves of the beach calling our names, my core circuit will be sure to help you with that beach body you’ve been wanting. Below are five core exercises that target multiple muscles in each move.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and then repeat three more times for a 10-minute total body workout.

Equipment needed: soccer ball (or any type of ball)

Shoulder/Knee/Hip Series

This is one of my favorites, but also one of the hardest! Start in a high plank position. To start, you will perform the series on the right leg and then the left:

  • Get into a push-up
  • When you come back up, bring your right knee in towards your chest
  • Extend your right leg out behind you
  • Bring your right knee in across your body
  • Come back and extend your leg back
  • Bring your knee out to the side while doing a push-up.

Repeat the same series on the left side. Go back and forth for 30 seconds.

One Leg Two Leg V-Ups

Begin by lying on your back and holding onto a ball. Extend your legs and arms away from your body with the ball in your hands overhead. Go into a V-up position first, bringing the ball and your right leg towards you, then go back down. Next, bring the ball and your left leg toward you. Then go back down. Now, as you come up, bring both of your legs towards you. Then repeat so it’s right leg, left leg, both legs for 30 seconds.

Ball Cycles

Sit in a V-up position with your hands holding the ball out in front of you. Knees should be slightly bent. As fast or as slow as you want, cycle the ball in a figure-eight pattern over and under your knees. Perform for 30 seconds.

Windshield Wipers

Lie on your back with your legs extended in the air. Place the ball in between your knees and squeeze your thighs together. While keeping your core tight and arms at your side for balance, swing your legs from side to side. As you swing from side to side, try to keep your opposite shoulder on the ground, and try not to twist your body (as best as you can). Go at a pace that works for you for 30 seconds.

Ball Planks

Start in a full plank position with the ball under your hand. While keeping your hips down, body aligned and your core tight, move the ball in any pattern you want between your hands as fast as you can for 30 seconds. Make sure not to sway too much from side to side to avoid injury.

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