How to Find Happiness, Purpose and Meaning After 60

by Margaret Manning

For most of our lives, we are pulled along by the tides of circumstance. Like small ships on a rocky ocean, we roll from one experience to the next, gaining momentum, but, ultimately finding ourselves at the mercy of the world around us.

I’m not for a second implying that I was any different, by the way. I know firsthand, the challenges of juggling family and career, while trying to stay sane. In such a busy world, it’s easy to think of happiness as being the result of things that happen to us – getting a promotion, winning the lottery or buying a new car. The older we get, the more we realize that this isn’t usually the case.

On some level, we all understand that true happiness comes from doing something that you love. But, for most of our lives, this simply isn’t an option. As much as it sounds like a great idea to “just follow your heart and the money will come,” most of us never really have this opportunity – we’re too busy surviving.

Now, as we reach our 60s, we finally have a chance to pursue our passions. I hope that as many of you as possible choose not to “go gentle into that good night.”

Happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing quoteHappiness comes when you believe in what you are doing quote

I hope that you search for meaning and purpose in your life. There are no more excuses. The world has lost its grip. The oceans have calmed and now it is time to set your own course. Where will you choose to sail?

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Do you agree that turning 60 offers a unique opportunity to find purpose and meaning in life? Is there anything that you put on hold in your younger years that you are determined to accomplish now?

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