#2013alive: Get Ready to Write it Out!

by alive Editorial

#2013alive: Get Ready to Write it Out!

It’s time to get ready for next week, when we’ll be picking up a notebook and jotting down the good, the bad, and the ugly of our habit-breaking experiences.

This week, we’ve joined forces with a friend who offers great advice, or a family member who’s willing to adopt our good habit with us to make our bad habit easier to fight. Next week, to wrap up our bad habit-breaking month, we’re going to make sure that those habits stay broken by picking up a pen and writing things down.

Keep a bad habit book

We all know how good journalling can be for us, what with the reduced stress and anxiety levels that the practice of taking pen to paper brings about. However, when it comes to setting goals, keeping a habit diary—where we write down a habit, its causes and results, and any number of other little details—can help us to acknowledge that habit and take control of it as a result.

Get ready to write next week!

To get ready for next week, make sure to pick out a notebook that works well for you and decide where its new home will be—preferably in a convenient location, such as on a bedside table or by the computer desk.

And don’t forget to figure out when your schedule best permits journalling time. Whether it’s during your lunch break, right before you go to bed, or right after you’ve gotten the kids to sleep, making journalling a habit (ahem) is easier when you do it at the same time every day. 

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