Grow Your Yoga with Moksha Yoga's 30-Day Challenge!

by alive Editorial

Grow Your Yoga with Moksha Yoga\'s 30-Day Challenge!

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a newbie, you can relieve stress and build strength with yoga. Sign up for Moksha Yoga’s charitable challenge to deepen your practice!

Whether you’re a regular doer of Downward Dogs or a newbie to the mat, you can relieve stress and build strength with yoga. Here at alive, we gather every Thursday to stretch and relax with a yoga session. Beyond the physical and mental benefits, our practice has been team building in that we’re all wobbling—and sometimes toppling over—together.

If you want to take your yoga journey a step further, signing up for a yoga challenge is an excellent option. This month, well-known group of independent hot yoga studios Moksha Yoga is putting on their “Grow Your Yoga” campaign (previously called “Living Your Moksha”). Participants are encouraged to:

  • practise yoga daily from May 1 to 30
  • raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters, a charity that pairs adult volunteers with kids in need
  • embody Moksha Yoga’s seven pillars of wellness: be healthy, be accessible, live green, sangha support, reach out, live to learn, and be peace

In 2013, Moksha Yoga and its US counterpart, Modo Yoga, raised more than $84,000 in support of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. They’re hoping to raise more than $100,000 this year, and you can help. To sign up, visit any participating Moksha Yoga studio in your area. You can also sign up for their email newsletter, which provides daily tips for taking the peace and positive vibes of yoga off your mat.

As you’ll be doing yoga for 30 consecutive days, be aware that your muscles may feel fatigued. Prevent yoga injuries by taking breaks when needed and asking your yoga instructor for advice—and don’t forget to enjoy your 30 days of yoga bliss!

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