15-Minute Cardio Workout

by Spright

When time seems scarce, it’s easy to fall off of the wagon when it comes to squeezing in a good sweat. Shake things up with this quick cardio workout. Perform each of these five moves for one minute and repeat three times to complete a 15-minute circuit.

Quick 3-Step


Begin standing with feet about hip width apart. Keeping your knees slightly bent and feet light, step your feet right-left-right. Then jump back to the other side, left-right-left. Imagine you are stepping into a square and then stepping out of it.

Burpee with a Broad Jump

broad jump

Begin standing with feet about hip width apart. Perform a burpee with a push-up: First, jump with your arms up to the sky, and then squat down and hop out into a plank position. Perform one push-up on your knees or toes and then hop back to a standing position. Take a large leap forwards and a large leap backwards to complete one repetition. Here are more detailed instructions on a burpee and a broad jump.

High Knee Runs

high knee runs

Run in place or moving slightly forward, bringing one knee at a time up towards your chest. You can find detailed instructions here.

Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers

Begin in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Draw one knee towards the chest, then hop the other knee into the chest. Here are more specifics on the mountain climber.

Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks

You know jumping jacks, right? If not, then start standing with your feet together and hands by your sides. Jump your feet apart (a lot wider than your hips) while you draw your hands towards each other above your head. Jump feet back together and bring your arms down to complete one repetition.

Repeat 3 times to complete the full 15-minute circuit.

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