8-Minute Ab-Strengthening Routine for Beginners

by Lori Patterson

This video focuses on increasing abdominal strength with classic moves like crunches combined with the newer fitness core craze: the plank. I will show the mighty, mighty plank to strengthen all of the abdominal and core muscles, the crunch to strengthen the rectus abdominals and the oblique crunch to focus on the sides of the torso.

Worried that you can’t do a plank? No problem. I’ll show you four ways to modify the plank so that you can pick the right move for your current fitness level, and work up to the plank as you get stronger.

A strong core will help prevent injuries—especially to the lower back—allow you to perform your daily activities more easily, and, of course, get you super strong.

These exercises can also be anytime, anywhere, so what are you waiting for?

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