Recognizing Your True Worth is a Key to Happiness at Any Age

by Betty Withrow

It’s your choice how you present yourself to the world. The way you show up is the way the world sees you – and this becomes the way you see yourself. This perception has everything to do with what you will create today and for the future.

Make a Stand for What is Important in Your Life

Making the choice to recognize yourself and your strengths, your quirks, your weaknesses, your peculiarities, and your unique brilliance, is the best gift you can give to the world. You have a unique set of attributes.

How can you find the confidence to recognize and express your true worth? You can make the choice to recognize yourself and give yourself credit for who you are and what you have done.

You may have adopted a strategy of playing it safe. Unfortunately, this doesn’t really make you safer – it just limits your potential. Or you may wonder how you are going to make it through the next stage of your life. If so, your fears may be keeping you from expressing your truth.

You may make small bargains from moment to moment, instead of looking at the large version of who you can be. Playing small doesn’t help you to create a happy life. Make a stand for what you want from life! This will give you a sense of worth and purpose.

Mistakes Show You Who You Really Are

Are you looking past the best parts of yourself in order to find something that is “wrong with you?” An artist friend of mine says that when you think you have made a mistake, the best part of you is becoming visible.

At these times, you see the part of yourself that doesn’t quite fit the mold. This aspect of your being has original energy and ideas that don’t fit with what you were given as “acceptable.”

The World Needs to Hear Your Unique Story

Every mistake is telling you what life can be that you haven’t noticed before. It means you are using your talents and growing past what you know into the more interesting part of life, the unknown.

Why are you not stepping into your best version of your life? Why are you listening to a story about yourself that doesn’t give you credit for how much you have done?

You may be losing a lot of quiet joy by not speaking up for yourself and accepting your own truths for what they are. It could be that your message is exactly what someone else really needs to hear.

Your Authentic Story is Your Life

By now, life has given us plenty of opportunities to reexamine our ideas. These milestones help us to put our regrets and sorrow in their proper place. They are tools to help us grow into greater wisdom. They are stopping places to take stock of life’s richness, not places to dwell. Like small stations at a whistle stop, they offer no comfort.

So have a small drink of water and get back on the train. After all, it is taking us to a better destination. Moments fly by like the ties on the tracks. It’s the motion of life, the sense of continuity that is your core identity. It creates the experience of your authentic life. Your story becomes your life.

Don’t Run Away from the Hard Questions

How you can change your story into one that is more gratifying, more comforting and more useful? Maybe you need to have some difficult conversations.

Talking it out can be hard, but at the very least you will know you gave things your best effort. That’s what there is to know about things, anyway. You may find that others have more to offer you, in the way of creating growth, than you thought. Or maybe not. At least you will know.

Learn to Love Yourself. You Are More than Enough!

Maybe you need to let go of things that used to make you happy, but don’t any more. Maybe you need to make peace with where you are and cheer up about how things have developed. This will help you to keep a positive attitude so that you can make them better.

Give yourself credit for everything that you have learned. Enjoy the face in the mirror and honor what you see. You worked for this moment so make the most of it.

Remembering how precious you truly are how you can live your best life will help you to rise above whatever challenges you may face. You have what it takes. It is the very things that make you uncomfortable about yourself that can be your greatest strengths.

Your perceived mistakes offer opportunities for insights that couldn’t happen if you “always did it right.” When you learn how to move on from feeling that you are not enough, you realize that you are more than enough.

Learn to See Connections in “Ordinary” Events

Find more depth in things that are thought to be ordinary events. The truth is that there is no such thing as an ordinary event! Every moment has a connection to the most vibrant energy of the universe and it has come to you for a reason.

Listen to yourself without criticizing your thoughts or feelings. Connect with yourself in a deep way and find out more of who you really are. Take the time to allow yourself to change. Then, remember to notice the good you can bring to the world.

It’s Time to Embrace Your Strengths

Your choice to move towards greater self-appreciation will make every moment of your life an opportunity to see new possibilities. Only then can you find a greater understanding of how you can offer more to those you love by being more in tune with your deep strengths.

When you truly understand and appreciate yourself, you will send vast amounts of love overflowing into the universe. This energy will return to you, flowing into your life again in new and unexpected ways.

What do you see as your greatest strengths? How are you working to improve the happiness in your life? Please join the conversation.

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