Free Virtual Events for Travelers and Creators: July 2020

by Wanderful Team

Looking to build your travel muscle or grow your travel blog or business?

Wanderful is here to help!

July 2020 is enrollment month, which means all month long we’ve got free virtual events open to the public that you otherwise would only find in our member community!

If you’re a member, you get access to events just like this one every single day in our exclusive member portal. Enrollment is open July 1 and closes July 31.

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Want to check out some events first? See the full schedule below with details about each event:

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July 1: Tea Time Virtual Meetup

Join us for a special virtual “tea time”. Each tea time invites attendees to come and chat casually with a special guest, ask questions and learn from one another. Bring a beverage and come join for a riveting conversation!

Our tea time special guest is Tracy Komlos, founder and CEO of Pangea Dreams.

Through her work with Pangea Dreams, Tracy is empowering women from all over the world to embrace their passions by learning the skills needed to create a sustainable business and positively impact their community. As a result, Tracy is recognized as an international speaker and leader in the women’s educational and creative space focusing on digital entrepreneurship.

July 6: Travel Skills Workshop

In preparation for Plastic Free July, learn 5 zero waste swaps perfect for travelers to reduce their environmental impact at home and abroad! Nope, none of these swaps are straws or water bottles! Every single swap is travel-friendly and budget-friendly. 

Plus, we’ll make a zero waste deodorant recipe together! If you’re unable to make the deodorant during the live Zoom, no worries — you can take notes and make it later. 

There will be lots of opportunities for travelers curious about making their travels more environmentally friendly to ask questions. 

July 8: Travel Creator Insights

Join Bex Shapiro, who manages creator partnerships at Intrepid Travel, and Hannah Logan, the blogger behind EatSleepBreatheTravel, for an open discussion on creating and cultivating long-term brand partnerships. 

This session will cover best practices – from initiating them to evolving them – and explore different strands of the most multi-layered partnerships – from blog writing to affiliate marketing to co-branded trips. 

Come ready with any questions for Hannah on the creator side or Bex on the brand side; they’ve worked together in various capacities and are excited to share advice and learnings!

July 18: Global Travel Summit

Wander Woman Summit

Wondering how to travel when the world opens up again? Get the tools + support you need to travel confidently in a new world with our first-ever completely free online summit, powered by Wanderful!

Join us for inspiring and helpful sessions like “How to Travel in the New World,” “Exploring the Outdoors: Tips for Getting Outside” and “Big Dreams, Little Budget: How to Scratch off Your Bucket List with Limited Funds” with speakers like Oneika Raymond and first Algerian travel Youtuber Nour Brahimi.

Plus, everyone who registers will get full access to all videos, a virtual swag bag, and a discount on Wanderful membership!

Wanderful Woman Summit: Get all the tools you need to travel safely and confidently.

July 20: Travel Through Food

Join Allison Van Rassel of Foodie Québec and Radio Canada, Isabelle Charlebois of Tourisme Haute-Richelieu, Jason Picard-Binet of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada, Mary-Beth Meade of the Québec Government Office in Boston, and Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons, Professor of Agro & Culinary Tourism at the University of Southern Maine, as we share stories from the region and discuss the growing move towards connecting visitors and locals to regional producers, chefs, and small farms.

You will learn some of the secret in-and-outs of where to go and what to eat, and all about the ongoing partnerships between Québec and the US to promote regional foodways. You will enjoy a virtual taste of what “La belle province” has to offer through video, conversation, and a live Q&A with the presenters.

Québec’s Culinary culture is rich with history and traditions that are deeply connected to the foodways of its Indigenous People and the heritage of its French and British inhabitants.

The region is home to some of Canada’s best food: from maple syrup, smoked salmon, and the much-beloved poutine, to Cassis, cider, charcuterie, and locally produced cheeses, to name just a few.

After the presentation, we invite you to share your stories of travels to Québec – and if you have never been to the Province, you will come away with travel tips and ideas that will connect you with the region’s best cuisines.
We look forward to sharing our food travel stories with you.

July 25: Travel Wellness Session

Traveling can take a toll on our bodies. Let’s be honest, when we get caught up in the excitement of travel, we sometimes neglect to take care of our health. Yoga is a great way to bring balance back and help us feel rejuvenated again.  Join for this awesome hotel room yoga class with Viola Wang of The Blessing Bucket.

In this class, we will learn some low impact Yoga postures that you can do even if you have no Yoga mat. This practice is great for when you are feeling stiff after long flights or car rides. After you check into that hotel, let’s check in with yourself!

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