Welcome Wanderful Irvine!

by Wanderful Team

We are so excited to announce the creation of our 19th global chapter, Wanderful Irvine!

About Us

Located in sunny California and the city that will host WITS ’16, Wanderful Irvine is a group of globally minded, driven women bit by the travel bug. Join us as we see and do all that the Irvine area has to offer!

Local Organizer

Demea Metcalf


Demea is a seasoned hospitality professional who likes to try anything new. That’s why travel is second-nature for her — it’s the quickest way to have exciting experiences. And as a “doer” fanatic, she is constantly in motion and wondering where the next cool location will pop up.

Demea also has a Trekie background, so she sometimes wishes she could integrate into a Star Trek: Voyager episode and make space tourism an affordable reality, but until then, roaming the globe is the next best thing.

Upcoming Events

Live near Irvine and wish you had a group of travel-loving women to socialize with? Visiting Irvine and want to meet up for some global chat?

Wanderful Irvine’s first event is already scheduled, so mark your calendars for November 21, and stay tuned for more!

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